Project management

A professional project management team from all engineering disciplines working according to the PMI standards for managing the projects that we are satisfied by the clients according to project management contracts in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our teams are ready to manage the projects of construction, manufacturing and engineering services.

Interior design and decoration

A team of engineers and engineers in interior design and decoration to use the best licensed programs and a great experience in the field of plastic art mixed with professional engineering professional to develop high-quality interior designs in the lighting and homogeneity of colors and the selection of brushes and materials and furniture where the production of design panels Indoor and binoculars are very impressive and feasible and at very competitive prices.

Exterior design

Architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical design, including air conditioning and sanitary, according to the Saudi building code. All necessary licenses are obtained through the municipal portal, the secretaries and municipalities in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Jouf, Rafha, Eastern Province and Abha. Each of them has a full engineering team to carry out the design and engineering supervision, calculation of quantities and construction loads, calculation of electrical loads and surveying.

Urban planning

Developing the appropriate solutions for Smart City and Future Cities in the fields of dealing with water scarcity, waste, pollution and overcrowding as we develop solutions that comply with the decisions of international and local sustainability programs.

Industrial Engineering Process

Design and supervision of factory designs and approval by the Industrial Cities Authority.

Hydrological studies

Conduct the work of the hydrological studies and develop the best Indian solutions for protection against floods, floods and environmental disasters.


Design of infrastructure works, including road, sewer, water, electricity, irrigation, communications and lighting networks.

Engineering Survey

Carrying out field works with Total Estation and GPS.


Design of external networks and link the electronic components of the main interiors and the distribution of tracks and the preparation of basic plans and strategic plans to meet the growth on demand in broadband services and high speeds.

Green construction and clean energy

Designing environmentally friendly solutions and schemes using modern technologies to rationalize water use and consumption of electric energy according to international standards and qualify projects to obtain sustainability and green building certificates locally and internationally through a good understanding of standards, measurement and calculation of points in the countries that adopt a specific classification methodology Green building and sustainable construction, and working with international partners.

Safety and fire

Design and engineering supervision on fire extinguishing networks according to the Gulf Code.

Engineering supervision

Development of the project plan and follow-up of the project works periodically through engineering supervision contracts for the duration of the project or the number of visits, including reports for each visit or periodic reports and receipt of engineering works executed and materials from contractors.

Soil and Concrete Examination

Preparation of test reports and conducting the necessary tests inside and outside the laboratory in addition to supervising the concrete and soil works, reviewing the design mixtures, monitoring and controlling the quality of the materials, making the necessary recommendations and preparing the documents that preserve the right and the safety and quality of the necessary materials.

Modeling engineering work procedures

Develop engineering procedures, write engineering works and practice what is written through holding workshops to document the current procedures of the work system, describe the future actions desired, analyze the gap, analyze development motives, make local and regional comparisons, classify and index engineering procedures and develop performance indicators. Service level agreements, models and templates.

Design and rehabilitation of villages, buildings and heritage villages

Design and engineering supervision for the rehabilitation of heritage buildings to preserve the national heritage and remove the distortions that have occurred and the development of heritage sites and reviving and developing gradually to achieve the desired goal and this principle is to invest all the ingredients and ensure the participation of the positive community.

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